Thursday, September 11, 2014

México: Top Aide to President Enrique Peña Nieto Resigns Over Conflict of Interest

According to EFE, a top aide to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto resigned Wednesday (September 10) after questions were raised about a possible conflict of interest arising from his role as an outside director of Spanish utility Iberdrola.

Jesús Ramirez Stabros sent a resignation letter to presidential chief of staff Aurelio Nuño on Wednesday.

Ramírez Stabros, 51, also advised Nuño that he had asked the government inspector-general’s office to investigate the alleged conflict of interest.

“In recent days, people have asked whether there was a conflict of interest in my having remained as an outside director of the Iberdrola firm--a position I was offered in 2009 and which I resigned from in June,” Ramírez Stabros wrote.

“I am convinced that my conflict has always been strictly in accordance with the law,” he continued.

COMMENT: “However, I have made the personal decision to present my resignation.”

Ramírez Stabros joined the Peña Nieto government in February 2013.

When contacted by EFE, the Mexican unit of Iberdrola said any comment would come from the parent company in Spain.

MVS radio reported on August 8, that Ramírez Stabros had been a member of the board and the audit committee at Iberdrola México while serving in the Mexican government.

In a subsequent news account, MVS said that a Spanish citizen asked Spain’s anti-corruption prosecutor to open a criminal probe of Ramírez Stabros.

The complainant, Migúel Gallardo, cited the “incompatibility” of Ramírez Stabros’ roles with Iberdrola México and the Mexican government, MVS said.