Friday, September 26, 2014

Nicaragua: Meteorite, Called "2014 RC," Hits Managua, Leaving Crater 39 Feet Across

According to the below link and AFP, a small meteorite the size of a house hit the capital of Managua roughly the size of a house, leaving a crater twelve meters (39 feet) across on Saturday night (September 20) in the Nicaraguan capital.

The below link is breathtaking as the meteor hit:

Miraculously, the meteor hit near the international airport and caused no injuries.

Nicaraguan authorities believe it was a piece of the small asteroid dubbed "2014 RC." 

COMMENT: The meteorite appeared to have hurtled into a wooded area near the airport around midnight on Saturday night.

Government officials and experts visited the impact site on Sunday. One official,  William Martinez, said it was not yet clear if the meteorite burned up completely or if it had been blasted into the soil.

Government spokeswoman, First Lady Rosario Murillo, said Managua would be in contact with the US Geological Service to try to get more information about "this fascinating event" in the Central American nation, one of Latin America's poorest countries.

People who live near the crater told local media they heard a blast they took for an explosion, and that liquid, sand and dust were blown through the air, which smelled like something had burned.

There were no reported injuries because the impact was in a wooded spot, and flights at the airport were not affected.

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