Saturday, September 20, 2014

North Korea: US Citizens Should Cease, Desist Traveling to Pyongyang Unless They Enjoy Prison

According to the below link from The Los Angeles Times:

US citizen Matthew Miller, 24, who originates from California, was detained in April 2014 in North Korea, was sentenced on Sunday (September 21) to six years' hard labor on charges of entering the country illegally and trying to commit an act of espionage, according to KCNA, the official North Korean news agency.

Uri Tours chief executive Andrea Lee said that as a result of Miller’s arrest and detention, the company has instituted new measures to enhance screening before tours. 

Lee said Uri Tours now routinely requests secondary contacts from prospective travelers and reserves the right to contact those references to confirm facts that are in question.

“Although we ask a series of tailored questions on our application form designed to get to know a traveler and his/her interests, it's not always possible for us to foresee how a tourist may behave during a DPRK tour,” Lee said via email, using the initials for the nation’s formal name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 

COMMENT: Let's be clear. 

Most US citizens that have traveled to North Korea have done so at their own peril. All US citizens should be cognizant that the US Department of State discourages such travel by Americans for any reason.

If US citizens visit North Korea they can expect that they will be imprisoned for a very long time.

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