Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pennsylvania: Cop-Killer Eric Frein, 31, Continues to Evade PA Troopers…Not for Long

According to The Associated Press, authorities hunting for a survivalist suspected of killing a state trooper and seriously injuring another since September 12, remained in the thick woods near his parents' house Saturday (September 27) to further narrow down the search area more than two weeks after the unprovoked shooting of two troopers.
Authorities said Friday that the hard drive of a computer used by Frein provides evidence he had been planning an attack for perhaps years. They said Frein's Internet searches included sites on how to avoid police manhunts.
Authorities believe they have Frein contained within a five-square-mile area around his parents' home in Canadensis. He has also been placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
Frein has managed to elude hundreds of law enforcement officers looking for him in the heavily wooded region of the Pocono Mountains, taking advantage of the difficult terrain to keep them at bay. He is believed to be armed with at least one high-powered rifle.
"I suspect he wants to have a fight with the state police, but I think that involves hiding and running since that seems to be the way he operates," State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said. "I expect that he'll be hiding and try to take a shot from some distance from a place of concealment, as he has done in the past."
COMMENT: Underscoring the danger they face as they pursue him, Bivens said Frein had experimented with explosives, citing materials that police found and interviews with people who knew him. Trackers are proceeding through the woods as though they are booby-trapped, he said. Police also think Frein might have a radio.
A police dog picked up Frein's scent several days ago and flushed him from his hiding place. But the distance was too great, and Frein was able to get away, the dense canopy providing cover from a police helicopter overhead, Bivens said Friday.
Bivens said he remains confident that the PSP police will catch their man…sooner or later. 

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