Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pennsylvania: Update--Some Thoughts on Eric Frein's Motivations Against Cops

As the exhaustive manhunt for Eric Frein, 31, continues in Pennsylvania, I have formed some thoughts as to what makes this young, persistent and angry young man "tick," and perhaps why he has remained in the state to further torment and "get under the skin" of the troopers of the Pennsylvania State Police.

It is no surprise that early in his still young life, Frein possessed the commensurate marksmanship and bush skills necessary to evade perhaps hundreds of Pennsylvania law officers to bring this persistent and formidable foe to justice. 

Assuredly, Frein has had negative encounters with law enforcement in the past and very likely, specifically, the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP).

One observation I can make with confidence is that that Eric Frein is no quitter who very reluctantly takes a bunk in the corner.

He loves challenges and is very fond of competition with those possessing similar skills to his own.

Most criminals wanted by the PSP would have left Pennsylvania long ago in order to put a maximum number of miles between them and PA.

Admittedly, Frein has hung around to torment and challenge the PSP. He undoubtedly is determined to not go quietly…nor peacefully.

My sense is that he is looking for a terminal confrontation with those searching for him and is prepared to die, rather than succumb to capture. 

My suggestion is that those in law enforcement be prepared for unexpected surprises and lethal challenges in what Eric Frein views as a "game of greater will."

I offer law enforcement one heart-felt Godspeed, as they will surely need it.

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