Saturday, September 20, 2014

Russia/Ukraine/NATO: Rogue Governments Need to Be Kept in Their Corners with Economic Sanctions

According to The Latin American Tribune, US President Barack Obama has urged his Ukrainian counterpart, President Petro Poroshenko, to push for a diplomatic solution in Ukraine that would include support for the pro-Russian rebels.

“We are going to continue to help mobilize the international community towards a diplomatic solution,” President Obama said following his meeting Thursday (September 18) with Poroshenko in the Oval Office.

COMMENT: When rogue nations such as Iran, Syria, Russia, Libya, etc. are permitted to exist and rattle their sabers in the absence of an American government whose word can no longer be counted on by allies wanting to see US leadership, “bullies” will prevail and flourish.

Clearly, there is a wide assortment of economic sanctions that the US and the EU can pursue in order to keep “rogue nations in their respective corners” and dissuade them from imperialistic endeavors.

Like US Secretary of State John Kerry, the one facet that President Obama does not seem to realize is that pro-Russian rebels and the Russian Army have deployed inside the Ukraine, not the other way around.

That being said, rather than helping a country militarily to protect itself with offensive weapons, munitions, body-armor that actually wants to be remain democratic rather than a puppet of Mother Russia, Washington’s response to the requirements of the Ukraine include MREs, which are useless.

The very fact that President Obama congratulated President Poroshenko for pushing through “difficult legislation” this week, in the Ukrainian Parliament, guaranteeing three years of autonomy to the pro-Russian rebels in parts of the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk seems to border on the insane.

Seemingly, a further encroachment of any territory in the Ukraine is presumably not in the Ukrainian government’s best interests if they wish to remain democratic.

President Poroshenko said Thursday (September 18): "We requested military aid from the United States, yet we cannot “win with blankets,” a war against the pro-Russian rebels."

Sixteen Ukrainian soldiers have died since the truce it came into force on September 5, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. How many more will have to die before Russia is sanctioned?

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