Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sri Lanka: German Tourist, 30, Experiences Attempted Rape in Hatton "Guest-House"

According to The Tamil Guardian, a German tourist, 30, was the victim of an attempted rape in Hatton on Monday, police said according to Ceylon Today

The German crime victim was on holiday with her husband and was staying in a guest house, when an employee of the guest-house attempted to rape her while she was sleeping, she told police.

COMMENT: I generally DISCOURAGE the use of all accommodations described as "hostels, guest-houses, cottages, etc." that fail to exceed comparable security offered by four-or-five-star international hotel properties.

Although "guest-houses" can have great ambiance and a "relaxed, local-setting," they almost never afford guests "effective physical security."

The employee was arrested on Tuesday and charged with the attempted rape, according to police.