Monday, September 22, 2014

Thailand: Thai Police Now Want to Conduct DNA Swab of All Males on Ko Tao

According to the UK-based The Daily Mail and the BBC, now the seemingly bungling Royal Thai Police say they conduct a DNA swab of every man on Ko Tao over the British couple, Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, 24, both of whom were murdered on September 15.

COMMENT: Here's the bad news: The Thai military continues to serve as Prime Minister of Thailand, which essentially means that the junta can pretty much do anything they want to do. 

The even worst news is that police did a really crappy job of designating the small island a crime scene, preventing anyone from escaping from Ko Tao.

Unfortunately, that amount of control has come and gone with it virtually impossible for police to categorically guarantee that they have swabbed every male that was on the island during the early morning hours of September 15.

Reportedly, a fisherman who was a prime suspect in the double-murder fled the island in a private boat.

Initial tests reveal that DNA samples found on the bodies almost certainly came from two Asian men, though detectives now believe at least three people were involved in the attack.

To make matters worse, David Miller, Miller's has not been regularly briefed on developments in the case.

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