Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thailand: Thai Woman, 65, Commits Suicide By Crocodile on Outskirts of Bangkok

According to AFP and The Malaysian Insider, a 65-year-old Thai woman has committed suicide by leaping into a pond of crocodiles at a farm popular with tourists on Bangkok's outskirts, police said on Friday (September 12).

The incident occurred during opening hours at the farm which doubles as a zoo and draws visitors who can feed the deadly amphibians from a walkway.
The woman jumped on Friday from a resting point on the walkway into the middle of pond, which contains hundreds of adult crocodiles, Preecha Iam-nui of Samut Prakan police said.
COMMENT: A violent and terrifying way of ending your last day on Earth appears to be not particularly palatable, albeit seemingly swift.
The woman's sister said that her sibling was suffering from stress and depression, yet presumably there are less violent ways of ending one's life if that is their choice.
As I have often said over the years, "Thailand offers endless options and choices for people, although many of them are less desirable than others."
Even after spending several years living in Thailand, I continue to be amazed at what I fail to fully understand.
The crocodile farm is an hour outside of the capital.
Safety rules in Thailand are archaically deficient, which can include close encounters with poisonous snakes, tigers and even crocodiles. 
The Samut Prakan farm fences are just a few feet high to allow visitors--including children--to feed the frenzied crocs. 
Trainers also perform with the creatures, lying on top of them or thrusting their heads and arms into the reptiles' open jaws. 

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