Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thailand: Update--Thai Police Seem to Be Out of Leads, Options in Double-Murder of British Couple

According to the below link, Royal Thai Police seem to have encountered a "dead-end" in terms of viable leads in the Monday (September 15) double-murder of Britons David Miller, 24, and Hannah Witheridge, 23, on the small island of Koh Tao.

COMMENT: I continue to suggest that with sparse leads in the homicide of two British nationals, both of whom deserve justice, now would be an appropriate time for the Thai government to ask their British counterparts, directly or indirectly, for help.

That being said, the Thais my simply be too proud to even ask.

Even though I lived in Thailand for nearly six years, I continue to be stunned by the Thai fascination with novelty and trivia as it relates to people who have been brutally killed.

Most non-Asian countries would accord some degree of respect and decorum to those who died violently, yet the Thai government has seemingly permitted curiosity-seekers to take “selfies” at the actual murder scene. Strange.

Even SKY NEWS has released footage of the couple filmed hours before the brutal killing, seen on CCTV camera barhopping with friends.

At this point in the double homicide, Thai police seemingly have scant leads in the murder case which increasing gives rise to the fact that the crime scene holds the details, albeit elusive, from investigators.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of police, it is entirely possible that the assailant(s) may have escaped from Koh Tao.

Even a meager collection of funds donated by Koh Tao residents to salvage what is left of the serenity of their beautiful island, roughly $1,500, has produced no takers.

“I have deployed police in nearby islands as well as on the mainland,” one police commander was quoted as saying.

With no arrests and an apparent lack of new leads and forensic options, it is unclear as to where the police investigation can turn next.

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