Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tip of the Day: Be Cautious, Suspicious, Deliberate When Going Ashore as a Cruise-Ship Passenger

As most of our loyal readers know, in recent years cruise-ship passengers going ashore or participating in excursions have become crime victims by not "dressing down" and reducing their security vulnerabilities.

Consequently, I suggest the following:

1. Wear no apparel that identifies you as a cruise-ship passenger;

2. "Dress-down"; DON’T look like you are from a cruise-ship;

3. Get a thorough physical exam from your medical provider so you can be aware of anything that might limit your activity;

4. Subscribe to international medical treatment and medical evacuation coverage before before you board your ship and include repatriation of your remains in the remote possibility of your dying while abroad. Note: 6,000 US citizens die abroad every year. To purchase this coverage, go to:


5. Register your travel itinerary through your foreign affairs agency before leaving home;

6. Carry no more than $100 in cash at any given time. That why they invested ATMs; 

7. Do not use street-installed ATMs or cash machines EVER...particularly at night;

8. Take only one credit/debit ashore with you and leave all others safeguarded aboard the ship;

9. NEVER bring a bulky SLR digital in a cruise! Such bulkiness will tire you out and potentially spoil your time ashore. In fact, I have a great recommendation for you! Buy a Nikon Coolpix P300 or something very, very similar. You can hold it in your hand, it weighs nothing and you can conceal it in a pocket;

10. If you are transporting a digital camera, laptop, tablet, MP-3,4 player or other electronics aboard ship, insure such items through http://www.safeware.com;

11. Before you board the ship, purchase an unlocked, quad-band GSM phone that will work anywhere in the world and will save you tons of money…as long as you're close to terra firma;

12. Don't purchase or wear a counterfeit watch of a high-end brand as no one wants to die over a $40 watch;

13. If you are held up at gunpoint, NEVER, EVER resist! Any of your property can be replaced, but you cannot be!

14. Always travel at night by reputable taxi;

15. Don't travel by collectivos, many of which are not licensed or insured, particularly if you have made "high-end" purchases; and

16. Don’t make arrangements for ground excursions because you may be "ripped-off" by vendors you arrange on your own, who are not vetted and screened by the cruise-ship line.

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