Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tip of the Day: Consume Alcoholic Beverages Prudently to Prevent Security Threats

If there is any one tip that I suggest more than any other, it is…

1. Consume alcoholic beverages prudently so that you can remember every action you take; and

2. Never let strangers prepare a drink for you! 

Adhering to these two rules and significantly reduce your risk of being taken advantage of.

A case in point:

A Thai national accused of raping the Russian woman of 29 years of age in Phuket says the woman was drunk and agreed to have sex with him twice. The apparent assailant said the time they shared was consensual.

Conversely, the victim told police that the man offered to give her a ride to her Patong resort from Karon and instead took her to his apartment, where he bound her wrists with a torn sheet. 

Officers from Karon Police Station found the torn sheet where they proceeded to arrest Somdate Srisai, 33, at 1830 hours. 

The victim, along with her boyfriend, told police that she had been out drinking with friends at a resort the previous night. At approximately 0400 hours, she sought a motorcycle taxi back to her Patong resort.

COMMENT: Where the victim made a really bad choice was in accepting a ride on the back of  a motorcycle driven by a stranger she had never met.

The stranger reportedly took her to his apartment and raped her twice.

She said that the victim eventually persuaded her assailant to take her back to her resort, where her boyfriend convinced her to report the matter to police.

Surveillance camera footage enabled police to quickly trace her assailant to his apartment where he was arrested. 

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