Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tip of the Day: Intoxication Never Mixes Well With Sexual Relations

As a recovering alcoholic since 1986, my advice is that drinking to the excess and sex rarely mix well.

In the new Millennium, the risk of HIV/AIDS and STDs can never be ruled out.

My personal advice is that both men and women should always insist on the use of condoms. To be sure, both genders should carry condoms whose reliability can be ensured.

Always purchase condoms from a reliable source.

I urge all foreign travelers to subscribe to international medical treatment and medical evacuation insurance by going to the below website:

Two additional tips:

Ensure that your medical insurance covers:

a.  HIV/AIDS and STDs; and

b. Repatriation of your remains in the event you die while abroad. FYI: Upwards of 6,000 US citizens die abroad annually; and

c. Seek prompt medical attention if you develop urethral/ vaginal discharge, pain or genital lesions. page176image2512page176image2240page176image1968page176image1696page176image1424