Thursday, October 16, 2014

Brazil: Dilma Rousseff, Aceio Neves, Both Essentially Tied in Latest Polling

According to The Latin American Tribune, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and her Social Democrat contender Aecio Neves, who will compete for the presidency of the country in a second round of elections on October 26, have technically tied in two new polls of voting intentions.

Ibope and Datafolha, two of the most prestigious polling firms in Brazil, announced results which were not very different from surveys last week, in which Neves outperformed Rousseff by merely 2%, within the margin of error.

According to Datafolha, the Social Democrat senator remains in first place with 51% of valid votes and only 2 points ahead of Rousseff, with 49%, but since the margin of error of the poll is two percentage points both are technically tied.

COMMENT: Datafolha interviewed 9,081 voters in 366 municipalities between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ibope, which surveyed 3,010 voters in 204 municipalities between Sunday and Tuesday, also registered a technical tie, with 51% for Neves and 49% for Rousseff.

The two polling firms said the result of the second round remains undefined.

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