Friday, October 10, 2014

Brazil: First Suspected Case of Ebola Diagnosed in Paraná

According to The Latin American TribuneBrazilian health authorities are investigating a suspected case of Ebola in the city of Cascavel, in Paraná state, which would be the first in Latin America if confirmed.

According to O Globo, quoting the Brazilian Health Ministry, the suspected patient was a 47-year-old man who arrived in Brazil on September 19 from Guinea, one of the African countries most affected by the disease.

COMMENT: I continue to reiterate my position that as suspected cases of Ebola continue to emerge in developing countries, the best-practices in such countries may prove to be ineffective in curtailing the spread of the disease. 

The patient is being kept in total isolation and is to be transferred to Rio de Janeiro.

Local authorities reported that the patient had a fever for the past two days, but had no bleeding, vomiting or other symptoms of Ebola.

The case was considered suspicious by the ministry as he came from a country where the Ebola epidemic is widespread and because he developed symptoms within 21 days after leaving Africa.

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