Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brazil: Runoff Race Between Rousseff, Neves in a Technical Tie

According to The Latin American Tribune, a survey conducted by MDA at the request of the CNT union found that President Rousseff is supported by 45.5% of voters compared to 44.5% for her social democratic challenger, Aecio Neves.

According to MDA, if only valid votes are considered, meaning that voters who state their intention to submit blank or invalid ballots are not included, Rousseff garnered 50.5% to 49.5% for Neves.

The survey has an error margin of 2.2%, meaning that--as MDA has stated--the candidates find themselves in a “technical tie.”

In the first electoral round on Oct. 5, Rousseff received 41.5% of the votes, compared with 33.5% for the social democratic senator.

COMMENT: Two voter intention surveys released last week found that Neves received 51% to Rousseff’s 49%, a result that was also a “technical tie.”

The firm said that the survey was carried out last Saturday and Sunday among 2,002 voters in 137 cities nationwide.

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