Sunday, October 5, 2014

California: Twin Peaks Parking Lot in SF Site of 100 Vehicular Break-Ins

"Literally I was 20 feet away looking at the view when I heard a crash and looked back. Someone had knocked in a window, stolen my purse, and drove off. It happened to another car at the same time. He stole all their passports," said tour guide Naomi Beck.

In another case, break-in specialists dove off in a stolen vehicle. Since June 2014 nearly 100 vehicles have been broken into. Shards of glass sparkle everywhere on the pavement, but tourists don't seem to notice. 

In many cases, thieves are assisted by not even locking their doors.

COMMENT: It is very likely that Twin Peaks is simply too convenient and predictable.

At a minimum, all Twin Peaks patrons need to be handed out a slip by management advising them that upwards of  100 car owners have been victimized and to ensure they lock their vehicles.

My suggestion is that tourists park some distance from San Francisco proper and commute from a distance to view the sights and avoid a costly break-in.

I'm sure police have considered this possibility, but my first question would be ensure that all Twin Peaks attendants have a clean criminal record could be the reason that no one has been caught? 

Lance Bosshard, a San Francisco police inspector, said many vehicles are targeted moments after tourists leave their vehicle.

Police have assigned a full time inspector to investigate the break-ins, but thus far no viable leads. 

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