Saturday, October 25, 2014

Global Impact: A Letter to Our Loyal Readers

In recent weeks the daily "hits" on,  have declined by roughly 50%, which has caused me to query our readers as to the causation of such a drastic decline.

As most of you know, revenue from our daily blog is driven largely by the nominal  advertising we solicit for the site, which hardly accommodates our cost of producing every daily issue.

I by no means have reached a "crisis-mode," although I am concerned with the dramatic decline in "daily hits,"which has forced me to solicit input from our regular readers as to what substantive changes can we make to bolster "hits" on the site.

Consequently, I solicit your candid and constructive input as to what changes we can make to the daily blog to bring back our heretofore daily "hits."

If you have suggestions as to how to improve the daily "hits," please communicate them to be at the below website in confidence:

If I receive no candid, constructive input on how I can provide more focused content to you, I will conclude that perhaps, has run its course, at which point we have three options facing us for consideration:

1. Terminate the site; and

2. Entertain the notion of adding a nominal subscription fee per individual client or organization (e.g., $100-400) annually) to continue the site along with a proprietary user id and password.

For your consideration, every DAILY issue of  STAYING SAFE ABROAD requires upwards of five to seven hours of in-depth research, fact-checking and accuracy.

I look forward to your input.

If in the final analysis, STAYING SAFE ABROAD must comes to an end, I look forward to serving you and your respective organizations on a fee-based basis. 

Please accept my best personal regards.

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