Saturday, October 25, 2014

Global Impact: Register your Int'l Itinerary with Your Embassy, Consulate If Such Service Is Available

In our ever-increasing cyber world, I strongly suggest you contact your appropriate embassy or consulate before your next international trip and determine whether you can register your travel itinerary with your embassy or consulate.

Registering your itinerary with your embassy or consulate has several benefits:

1. If you have a family emergency back home while you’re abroad, your embassy or consulate can promptly get ahold of you and apprise you of the emergency that is occurring such as seriously ill family members;

2. Particularly if you’re traveling in developing countries where virtually any national disaster or emergency can occur, informing your embassy/consulate on how they can reach you is paramount; and

3. During the fast-paced Summer of 2006 when fast-paced hostilities between Hezbollah and Israeli forces broke out in Lebanon, some 60,000 foreigners were stranded, many of them because their embassies and consulates were unaware of their presence in the country. 

For details on the 34-day conflict, see:

As a result, many foreigners were exposed to formidable risks during the 34-day armed conflict (July 12-August 14) during which 76 foreigners were killed or wounded, largely because BEY airport was closed.

For all of the details on those who lost their lives and were injured during the conflict, see the below:

Lebanese citizens: 1,191 killed, 4,409 wounded

Foreigners: 51 killed, 25 wounded

United Nations personnel: 5 killed, 12 wounded

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