Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Global Impact: Turkey's Erdogan Seemingly Miffed Over US Air-Drop to Kurds

According to Reuters, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday (October 22) it was wrong of the US Defense Department to air-drop military arms to Kurdish fighters defending the Syrian border town of Kobani, as some weapons were seized by IS militants besieging it.
The Pentagon said on Tuesday (October 21) the vast majority of the US supplies dropped on Sunday (October 19) had reached the Kurdish fighters despite an online video depicting IS jihadists with a bundle.
"What was done here on this subject turned out to be wrong. Why did it turn out wrong? Because some of the weapons they dropped from those C-130s were seized by IS (Islamic State)," Erdogan told a news conference in the Turkish capital of Ankara.
COMMENT: Asked about a plan for Turkey to facilitate the passage of Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga fighters to Kobani to help in its defense, Erdogan said he proposed a telecom with US President Barack Obama this weekend.
"I have difficulty understanding why Kobani is so strategic for them because there are no civilians there, just 2,000 fighters," Erdogan said. "At first they didn't say yes to peshmergas, but then they gave a partial yes and we said we would help."
President Erdogan added that talks were continuing among officials on the details of the peshmergas' transit through Turkey. One Turkish journalist close to the government said on Wednesday (October 22) some 500 of them were expected to cross into Kobani this weekend.
This report will be updated after Erdogan and Obama have their "chat."

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