Friday, October 10, 2014

Global Impact: Why Many Americans Deliberately Choose to NOT Travel Internationally

At a time when foreign travelers are increasingly being beheaded both abroad and at home, I urge our readers to review the below 2011 link from CNN:

COMMENT: In all fairness to CNN, the international broadcasting giant could not have anticipated that a number of journalists and aid workers would be summarily beheaded in 2014 by Islamic State (IS) militants.

Nor could CNN have anticipated that a number of Americans would be killed and/or beheaded on US soil by would-be jihadists who had a history of anti-US rhetoric.

I'll be the first one to acknowledge that most Americans are not particularly well-traveled or cognizant and comfortable in living or traveling abroad and immersing themselves into foreign languages and cultures.

Most Americans are monolingual with few being particularly comfortable in conversing in foreign languages.

Also, compared to other Western cultures, the US is on the low-end of the spectrum when it comes to embracing foreign cultures.

Roughly 30% of Americans have valid passports compared to Canada's 60% and the UK's 75%.

Last week, I posted a report from the BBC addressing the disparity of foreign governments in terms of which governments who are willing to pay ransom for their citizens' safe return while others refuse to pay ransom to prevent their citizens from being killed:

In the above posting, I suggest the following to nations who refuse to pay ransom for their citizens' safe return if abducted:

"In essence, whether your government pays ransom or not will be largely be determined by your citizenship.

If you are from a nation that does NOT pay ransom for your release, my suggestion is that you NOT travel ABROAD and place yourself in situations where you could  find yourself facing a distasteful and terrible death (i.e., beheading).

Ransom payments to al-Qaeda and its affiliates are a violation of the United Nations Security Council resolution 1904 which says states should "freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic resources of these individuals, groups, undertakings and entities." The resolution specifies that this "shall also apply to the payment of ransom.

Consequently, if you chose to place yourself in Harm's Way, you have been so warned of the collateral risks."

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