Saturday, October 11, 2014

Honduras: Two Prosecutors Murdered in San Pedro Sula

According to The Latin American Tribune, two Honduran prosecutors were murdered in San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras, police and the local press reported.

The victims were identified as Marlene Banegas and Patricia Eufragio.

Banegas was coordinator of the prosecutor’s office for crimes against life and Eufragio was in charge of the prosecutor’s office for environmental crimes, an attorney who was a friend of the victims said.

Both prosecutors were in a vehicle when they were attacked for motives not yet known.

The two prosecutors were waiting at a stoplight on the ring road around San Pedro Sula when two people on a motorcycle fired upon them.

COMMENT: Given the fact that police and attorneys are an endangered species in Honduras, it is noteworthy that the targets did not have the presence of mind to speed off in what was obviously a suspicious confrontation.

The victims were fired upon by gunmen who stopped, took the time to exit their motorcycle and commenced firing at their targets.

The coordinator of the District Attorney’s Office in San Pedro Sula, René Diaz, said that Banegas was in the process of investigating “many crimes” and that several prosecutors in the area “have been threatened” of late.

According to preliminary reports, Banegas had just left her office when she was murdered along with her colleague.

Honduras is going through a wave of criminal violence that leaves at least 14 people dead every day, according to official figures.

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