Monday, October 20, 2014

India: Five Assailants Who Gang-Raped Call-Center Worker, 30, Left the Victim Emotionally Scared

According to http://www.channelnewsasia.coman Indian court has sentenced five men to life imprisonment for gang-raping a 30-year-old call-center worker in 2010, two years before a fatal gang-rape sex attack on a New Delhi student sparked global outrage.

On Monday (October 20) an Indian court imprisoned five men for life for gang-raping a call-center worker in a case that occurred two years before a fatal sex attack on a student sparked global outrage.

The gang-rapists abducted the 30-year-old woman at gunpoint in 2010 as she was walking home with a colleague after a late shift in southwest New Delhi, the Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency reported. 
They took turns raping the woman, who is from the country's remote northeast, in the back of a truck while driving around the capital, before she was dumped on a secluded stretch of road.
Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat handed down the sentences after the five were convicted last week following a trial that relied on the woman's testimony and forensic evidence.
COMMENT: "Life imprisonment is awarded to all the convicts for the offense of gang-rape. A fine of 50,000 rupees (US$815) is also imposed," Bhat was quoted by PTI as saying. 
The five rapists, who hopefully will find unwanted, violent and commensurate treatment in India's penal system, who are ages 24-29, were part of a gang of cattle thieves from the notoriously lawless Mewat region in neighboring Haryana state.
The case led to an overhaul of security measures in India's massive IT industry, where most shifts end late at night to coincide with time zone differences in the United States and Europe. 
The new initiatives included female workers being taken home in groups in a taxi with armed guards escorting the last woman left in each car.
Despite the new laws, sexual violence continues unabated in a country where a rape, if not a gang-rape, is committed every 22 minutes, according to government figures.

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