Wednesday, October 29, 2014

India: Three of Ten Russians Drown After Small Motorboat Capsizes Near Goa

According to, a boat taking tourists on a dolphin-sighting trip capsized off India’s west coast today (October 29), killing three Russian women, police said.
The victims were among ten Russian tourists who chartered the motorboat to follow dolphins more than a kilometer off popular Betul Beach on the southern coast of Goa state.
A large swell capsized the boat, trapping several passengers below the boat's water-line, police official Nilesh Shirotkar said.
COMMENT: Over the years I have consistently cautioned tourists and business travelers that India is the second most populated country in the world, but has yet to even begin to institute minimal maritime regulations in order to prevent the capsizing of small vessels operating off the Indian coast.
As such, I strongly discourage tourists of any nationality from taking Indian tour buses and poorly-regulated vessels in coastal waters in order to prevent the misfortunes described above.
Officials from the Russian Consulate in Goa were en-route to the site of the capsized  motorboat. 
Goa is a popular tourist destination in India, attracting some three million each year. At least a half-million of those tourists originate in Russia, none of which are privy to the fact that most means of transportation in India have irreversible consequences, including loss of life.
Dolphin-sighting trips are common, as are all "accidents" that stem from poorly-regulated means of transportation.
The state’s efforts to regulate water sports have been woefully unsuccessful, largely because of resistance from tour operators who ignore all best-practices.

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