Friday, October 31, 2014

Italy: German Tourist, Daughter Victimized by Licensed Airport Taxi Driver

According to, a German tourist and her 20-year-old daughter were robbed after taking a taxi from Rome's Fiumicino Airport, Roma Today reported.

The travelers agreed to pay €60 (US$75.60) for the ride to Rome’s Via Veneto, despite an established tariff being €48 (US$60.52).

Upon arrival at the airport, the travelers were summarily informed that there was an extra fee for their two bags and refused to give change from a €100 note (US$126.08).

The scene unfolded on the road outside the hotel, as the taxi driver chose not to pull up to the hotel doors.

The driver unloaded one of the bags, but suddenly got into his taxi sped off, running a red light simultaneously.

COMMENT: Increasingly, the integrity of taxi drivers worldwide is slowly unraveling to the point that I rarely hail or order conventional taxis anymore.

You can go never go wrong by having three cardinal rules:

1. NEVER use run-of-the-mill taxis;

2. Always negotiate ALL FEES in advance, including luggage fees, tolls, etc.; and

3. INSIST in using hotel-operated taxis. Although more expensive, complaints from drivers will be ZERO unless you fail to tip them 20%.

According to the German tourists, the stolen bag contained clothing worth around €5,000 (US$6,304), plus a watch of equal value, ROMA TODAY reported.

While hotel surveillance cameras did not capture the theft, CCTV footage depicted the moment the two tourists stepped into the taxi at Fiumicino airport.

As a result, investigators were able to trace the driver, a 44-year-old man from nearby Ostia.

When called in by police, the driver confessed to the crime and the bag was returned to the Germans. 

The driver is now facing charges of theft and for scamming the tourists out of €100 for the journey, the media source said.

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