Monday, October 13, 2014

México: External Human Rights Oversight Concerned Re: Disappearance of Large Number Local Students

According to EFE, Mexican authorities must intensify their efforts and investigate thoroughly the case of the 43 students who went missing two weeks ago in the southern state of Guerrero and report it reliably, the Mexican senate and the European Union (EU) have emphasized.

“The investigations conducted by the federal government and Guerrero administration should be led with strict adherence to the law, with professionalism,” Mexican senate president Miguel Barbosa said on Sunday (October 12).

He added that the chamber demands that the federal government make a comprehensive effort to locate the students and to prevent such tragedies from being “lost in press releases, the inefficiency of authorities and political squabbling.”

On September 26, municipal police in the Guerrero town of Iguala opened fire on a group of students from the Ayotzinapa teacher training school, killing six people and wounding 25.

After the altercation, 43 students were reportedly led away by police and have not been seen since.

Following the incident, authorities detained some 40 people, including 22 police officers and members of a local criminal gang, the Guerrero Unidos.

COMMENT: On Sunday a delegation of European Union (EU) representatives in México joined in the condemnation of the incident.

The EU office in México said that “it has faith that the Mexican authorities will carry out a comprehensive investigation into these barbarous acts and the law will punish those who are responsible.”

Officials have uncovered several clandestine graves believed to hold the remains of at least some of the students, but on Saturday Guerrero governor Angel Aguirre Rivero said that some of the remains were not among the missing students.

Mexican Attorney General Jesús Murillo Karam later added that none of the remains found so far have been identified so it was not clear if they were of the students or not.

An analyst at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics, Jorge Israel Hernandez, told EFE that the situation was extremely serious because international human rights organizations are keeping a close watch on México authorities.

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