Tuesday, October 28, 2014

México: Four Members of Guerreros Unidos Cartel Arrested, Confessed to Disappearance of 43 College Students

According to The Latin American Tribune, federal Mexican Attorney General Jesús Murillo has announced the arrest of four alleged Guerreros Unidos cartel members who confessed to having participated in the disappearance of 43 college students a month ago following their detention by police.

They were the first arrests of suspects who have confessed to having participated in the disappearance of the students in the town of Iguala on the night of September 26, Murillo said Monday (October 27).

Murillo added that the Public Prosecutor’s office was looking for evidence to corroborate the confessions at the place where the events occurred.

COMMENT: The quality of law enforcement services is diametrically different from those found in most developed nations found in Western Europe, Asia and the West as institutionalized corruption prevails at all levels of local, state and federal agencies throughout México.

AG Murillo said that two of those arrested by federal agents had admitted to having taken the 43 students into custody.

The other two suspects admitted to having kept watch for the criminal group that night, and their confessions coincided with the other two, he said.

Murillo said that 52 others had been arrested earlier in connection with this case, including police officers, local government officials and members of Guerreros Unidos cartel along with their leader.

After having stated at a press conference last week to have identified those actually responsible for the mass-abduction of 43 souls, Murillo now claims to have in custody those who carried out the events.

He said that search operations were still being carried out to find the missing students.

The missing, teacher trainees at a Iguala school, disappeared after an altercation with local police in which six people were killed and 25 injured.

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