Tuesday, October 14, 2014

México: Protesters Storm, Damage State HQ in Guerrero Re: 43 Missing Students

According to The Latin American Tribune, a group of students from a Mexican teaching training college have stormed the state government headquarter in Guerrero protesting the lack of information on their 43 missing colleagues after an altercation with police.

Roughly 600 students, accompanied by family members of the missing, blockaded the complex on Monday (October 13) and allowed only women, the elderly and the disabled to leave.

Although the protest was at first low-key, anti-riot police arrived, a scuffle broke out and the students entered the complex of seven buildings.

Once all the staff had departed, the youths severely damaged the Guerrero state headquarters building.

Most of the windows and office furniture were destroyed in Guerrero, while one of the buildings housing the office of Government Secretary Jesús Martínez Garnelo was set on fire, causing firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

One group of hooded students smashed the offices of the mayor of Chilpancingo and set fire to the civil registry in the basement of the building.

Firefighters attempted to extinguish the fire, but were subsequently evicted by protesters.

COMMENT: Joining the protesters were 200 students from the University of Guerrero joined as the teacher trainees filled the city’s main square demanding that the authorities locate and return their missing colleagues alive.

Earlier Monday (October 13) the students and families of the 43 youths who disappeared 17 days ago threatened not to leave until they were brought back alive.

The case of the missing students has severely riled Mexicans nationwide since they disappeared September 26, after police opened fire on their group as they were trying to hijack buses, killing six people and wounding 25 others.

After the altercation, police were seen taking students away. Days later, a number of clandestine graves were found nearby containing at least 28 bodies, the identities of which the authorities are attempting to identify.

Almost 40 people have been arrested for their suspected involvement in the disappearances, most of them members of the local police force.

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