Monday, October 13, 2014

México: Wife of Australian Couple Killed in Cancún While Racing Competing Buses

According to, the husband of an Australian woman killed after being hit by a bus in Cancún says drivers were racing other buses when the accident occurred.
Kylie Nastasi, 44, from Sydney, and her husband, Tony, were crossing a road in the resort town when the pair was struck by a bus last month.
Kylie was rushed to a local hospital after being thrown five meters (16 feet) by the impact, but died from a brain haemorrhage 12 days later.
Tourist bus drivers, who ferry resort guests around the popular holiday destination, regularly race each other for passengers, reaching speeds well in excess of the 20km/h limit, Mr Nastasi told
“They’re killing locals and tourists just for the sake of a bus fare because the competition is so fierce,” he said. “They’re continually racing each other on this 25-kilometre route.”
“He wasn’t looking at us; I didn’t realise he was doing 70km/h in a 20km/h zone,” Mr. Nastasi said.
“We only had one lane to cross, but before I knew it he was on top of us. He didn’t beep and he didn’t skid."

COMMENT: For those who have not traveled in México, EVERYTHING is about survival at any cost with little concern for the welfare of others or displaying respect for other people.

While his wife lay in hospital, Mr. Nastasi was put up in the resort hotel where they had stayed while in Cancún.
Nastasi had contact with the manager of the bus company involved in the accident, but said their communication was more about absolving his driver and the company’s liability. “They were more interested in buttering me up to get me to sign a pardon for the driver for the liabilities side,” Nastasi said. “There’s a complete disregard for life and no respect.”
“When the media interviewed the bus company, the [the manager] didn’t even know my wife had died in the accident." 
“They wouldn’t even appear at meetings to discuss issues or return my calls.”

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