Saturday, October 18, 2014

Note of the Day: Where is Retired FBI Agent Bob Levinson and Who is Worrying About Alan Gross?

As most of our readers know, and the BBC have relative equality when it comes to accurate and reliable reporting. Everyone else pretty much runs in second place:

There are two people that I have in my prayers each day:

Alan Gross, who has been languishing in a Cuba prison since the Federal government put him there in 2009:

Retired FBI Agent Bob Levinson who disappeared in 2007 on Kish Island in Iran, the longest held US hostage in American history:

COMMENT: One of the most despicable experiences imaginable is to held as a hostage because of the missteps of your own government, in this case the US federal government.

Both Alan Gross and Bob Levinson have been in captivity for years and years because of the unwillingness of the Obama Administration to take preemptive action (i.e., strategically, diplomatically and/or militarily) to free both men who are now in their 60s.

When your own government puts you in peril through no fault of your own, it has a moral and ethical obligation to "do the right thing" and return you to your family...before you die.

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