Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tip of the Day: Are We Safer Today Than On September 11, 2001?

I must honestly respond with an unconditional "no."

Several years ago, I might easily have offered up a conditional "yes," but not now. 

Having spent roughly 40 years of my adult life assessing and forecasting political and economic violence on a global scale, I respectfully tender a formidable "no" for the following justifiable reasons:

1. As the US and in particular its incumbent President Barack Obama chose by design to diminish the exceptional role that the US has traditionally played on the world stage it appears  that the President has taken us on a journey where rogue nations and "bad" actors seemingly reign;

2. US allies who formerly joined us in the search for a common good have suddenly taken their own path as decade-long, multi-lateral relationships have sought different, yet similar directions. Perhaps it is because of our inability to thoroughly complete tasks at hand;

3. One of my most compelling concerns for the future is the increasing turmoil and unrest in the world that fails to compliment what was previously known as the world order for the common good; and

4. For the first time in my 70 years of life experience, I am beginning to doubt that under the President's leadership and his inability to make timely decisions, that the world is in a much more perilous, uncertain posture than ever before, largely because of the President's reluctance to effectively protect US citizens at home and abroad.

The recent beheading of one American in Oklahoma City and the attempted beheading of another underline the global scope of Islamic terrorism. Sadly, US citizens are not even safe at home from Islamic terror.

Tomorrow's Tip of the Day will be expanded upon with the text above serving as a foundation.

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