Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tip of the Day: Be Cautious, Suspicious in Using Member-Only Frequent Flyer Clubs

Much of my success during my US State Department career relied heavily upon my capacity to think very much like a criminal, considering that much of my duties required that skill-set.

That being said, let me draw you a potential likelihood, albeit remote:

If you've been in any fee-based frequent flyer lounges at major airports, the amenities are much better than sitting on an airport floor in your best finery for a few hours before your onward flight departs.

Let's suppose that a couple of months ago you purchased a high-end laptop for your globe-trotting. Let's now assume that it ran roughly $4,000 what with all the software, upgrades, cables and peripherals.

If you're like most people that spend a lot of your time in airports, waiting for an onward flight to your next leg could be anywhere from two-to-six hours.

Nothing is worse than...wasting valuable time!

So…let's take advantage of time by either working on a trip report, drafting letters that you'll use at your destination, talking points for a presentation, etc.

Using a frequent flyer lounge is so much better than sitting on the floor, as most offer: free wifi; fresh fruit and veggies; coffee, refreshments and sometimes even beer; electrical outlets to charge up your gadgets; etc. 

As most of you know, getting your laptop connected to wifi, charged, etc. can be a time-consuming task, so once your laptop is fully connected and operational, you're less than amused to de-connect everything when nature calls.

So the dilemma is…do I disconnect everything to run to the restroom briefly…or do I leave everything connected and hope that my expensive stuff remains intact…when I get back?

Here's the tricky part: If lady luck is looking after you today, perhaps she'll be looking after you every day?

The downside of getting sucked into this challenge is that you may not be lucky…everyday.

Taking this a bit further, let's assume that you leave all of your expensive stuff connected and…you return to find everything missing!

Now what? Images of your claim for reimbursement to your boss, with whom you may not be on really solid ground, begin to emerge on a company-provided laptop and "stuff,"as you potentially see declination of your claim because you should have been more careful and de-connected everything before you left for the restroom?

Just thinking about these unpleasant images brings mental impressions that you indeed should have been more security-conscious in de-connecting everything before leaving for the restroom, as most trips to the facilities might happen less than every two hours…

...unless, of course, you still have a really, really bad case of diarrhea leftover from Islamabad!

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