Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tip of the Day: Comply with Posted Warning Signs

The Tip of the Day is: Always comply with posted warning signs.

Unfortunately, many tourists and travelers ethnocentrically believe that warning signs apply to everyone but them.

A German tourist was killed in a crocodile attack in Australia in 2002, when she ignored signs not to swim in reservoirs at Kakadu National Park. 

Accidental falls are also on the list of accidents befalling tourists, as was the case of  US tourist who died after falling from a bridge at Jordan’s famous ruins at Petra. Tourists were advised by local officials to avoid Petra at the time because of slippery conditions caused by snow. 

In another Petra incident, an Australian tourist fell to his death when he ventured into a fenced-off area that was marked as out of bounds to visitors. 

In 2005, an Australian woman was killed by a hippopotamus in Kenya when she ignored warning signs to avoid hippos at night by her tour guide. 

Failure to comply with warning signs can often produce irreversible results such as paying for your imprudence and ignorance by disobeying warning signs.

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