Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tip of the Day: If You Think Your iPhone Can't Disappear in Less Than 20 Seconds,Think Again!

It is…sadly...confession time.

In March 2009, I was transiting O'Hare International Airport, ORD as it is affectionally known amongst frequent flyers, when I saw a golden opportunity to visit the men's room in Terminal 2 before my flight to visit my daughters in Bend, OR. 

A BIG mistake and costly one as well.

In recalling an error in judgment on my part, I left my iPhone in the men's room less than 20 seconds, yet sufficiently long enough for a larcenous user of the call of nature to claim a phone that had been in my possession less than THREE weeks! Rats!!

If you think that losing one's smartphone is the worst that can happen on any given day, consider this:

I would soon miss my onward flight to Bend if I didn't move smartly along, so I boarded my flight without my phone and was without a functioning smartphone for nearly five days, which was a net-loss of who only knows how much new business.

COMMENT: In 2009, I was asked to pay $100 for the replacement of my iPhone plus I lost five days of usage of my phone, so it is impossible to project what amount of business I might have lost during that five-day period.

According to the below link:

Unfortunately, we're not able to compare apples to apples considering that we don't have available the statistics of a metropolitan area comparable in size to the City of London, a city of 8.3 million, yet considering that 300 smartphones are stolen in London every day, that amounts to a collective total of 109,500 phones each year.

Considering that the average smartphone has a street value of roughly $600, that amounts to a collective street level of  US$65,700,000, which is a very tidy sum indeed whether you're factoring in pounds, euros or US dollars.

Comparatively speaking, New York City also has a population of 8.3 million, yet unfortunately we do NOT have smartphone demographics, but generally conclude they are very close in terms of population and the fact that both countries are among the most developed in the world.

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