Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tip of the Day: In the Event You Are Receiving Small Arms Gunfire Directed at YOU...

You NEED NO knowledge about firearms to immediately apply the critical techniques in THIS important tip!

As a backgrounder, please see the below link to inform our readers as to the details of the September 5, 2006 issue of the UK-based The Guardian: 

The Palestinian shooter in this handgun attack at the Roman ruins outside Amman, Jordan in September 2006 was a Palestinian refugee who was a hard-working family man who was influenced by the Lebanese War that occurred earlier that summer: 

As we saw in the handgun attack that killed a British tourist and wounded five European tourists at the Roman ruins near Amman being caught up in a small arms attack where the shooter had time to fire TWELVE rounds before being taken to the ground by witnesses.

The assailant was in his 30s; his name was Nabil Ahmad. His family suffered inseparably during the Lebanese War.

Details are critical

1. If you hear what you believe to be gunfire or sounds like gunfire...

a. Fall to the ground instantly

b. Lie flat on your stomach…and

c. cover your face;

d. Determine from which direction hostile fire is originating;

e. Define two terms: COVER and CONCEALMENT;

f. COVER is a natural solid barrier (e.g., cars, columns, buildings, etc.); and

g. CONCEALMENT will conceal your body, but offers NO protection against gunfire;

2.  If you are in or near a building, avoid windows and doors;

3. Seek shelter in bathrooms, closets and solid objects;

4.  Stand up only when the gunfire has subsided for 5 minutes or longer;

5.  If you hear gunfire while in a motor vehicle;

a. Keep windows down about an inch so you can hear outside activity (better to hear the first shot and be able to take evasive action than to be clueless of the attack and be injured or killed;

b. If the gunfire is coming from the direction in which you are driving, stop and quickly reverse the vehicle; this shows that you pose no threat; and

c. If surrounded by gunfire, stop and take cover wherever you can; do not seek cover directly outside or under your vehicle, as continued firing at your vehicle could potentially enflame it; and

d. If you can safely leave the vehicle and seek cover in a nearby ditch or in a wooded area, do so.page303image17416page303image17144page303image16872page303image16600

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