Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tip of the Day: NEVER Use a Conventional Computer Bag For Transporting Your Laptop

For those of you who are still using a conventional computer bag to transport your laptop and its peripherals, please STOP!

Let’s be honest, criminals are always going to look for people dragging a conventional laptop bag behind them FIRST!

The next thought is to consider a laptop no larger than a 13.3-inch for international travel. Believe me, your back, regardless of its age, will thank you!

In order to offer you a range of laptop backpack prices, models, features, etc., I suggest you go to your favorite search engine and simply type in the following:

“laptop backpacks”

Depending on the search engine used, you’ll get voluminous searches similar to:

For roughly 15 years, I have used a Kelty day-pack for my travels worldwide. I’ve looked for a model #, but haven’t found one. Mine is blue and has three distinct sections: a small one, for things you frequently need; and inner section where my laptop and peripherals is carried; and an outer section for my Kindle, iPod and things to read on the plane. 

Also, the Kelty day-pack I have has two outer features to accommodate water bottles and/or drink containers…snuggly.

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