Friday, October 10, 2014

Tip of the Day: We All Need to Be Predictably Suspicious in a Perilous World

It is an understatement that given the perilous threats that confront all nations in today's uncertain world, all of us need to STOP multi-tasking and pay attention to every minute detail that we confront in our daily lives.

Were it not for an observant Circuit City employee who became suspicious when asked by a customer in 2007 to duplicate terrorist training tapes, the terrorist plot against military personnel at Fort Dix, NJ, might never have been identified.

Multi-tasking in today's world is often viewed as an asset, yet it prevents all of us from listening carefully, focusing on details and having a focused and suspicious nature.

It is my strong belief that multi-tasking is not at all an asset, as it adversely impacts on our listening skills at a time when we all things DO matter.

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