Sunday, October 12, 2014

US: Medical Staff Who Treated Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, 42, Exposed to Ebola Virus

According to Dr. Tom Frieden MD, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), the Ebola diagnosis in a health care worker who treated Thomas Eric Duncan at a Texas hospital reveals that there was a clear breach of safety protocol.
The worker had treated Duncan multiple occasions after the Liberian national was diagnosed with Ebola.
Dr. Frieden tells CBS' "Face the Nation" that all those who treated Duncan are now considered to be potentially exposed. Frieden couldn't give a precise number of those workers who were exposed to the Ebola virus.
COMMENT: The CDCP reportedly is the global expert on public health, so why were their own protocols not followed?
Perhaps this may be a "learning moment" for the CDCP to review the merits of NOT permitting those citizens from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia to travel internationally all the while enabling Ebola specialists to travel to those West African states where 4,000+ citizens have died from Ebola.
Health care workers treating Duncan were to follow CDC protocol that included wearing protective gear.
Among the issues the CDCP will investigate is how and why medical staff placed themselves at risk--because removing protective apparel incorrectly can lead to a contamination.
Duncan died of the Ebola on October 8.

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