Wednesday, October 29, 2014

US: Where Have All the Positive Role-Models Gone That Motivated Pro Athletes To Do the Right Thing?

According to AFP, former NBA All-Star Daron "Mookie" Blaylock was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Monday (October 27) for killing a woman in a road accident in suburban Atlanta in 2013, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.
The 47-year-old Blaylock, who was found guilty of vehicular homicide and other charges, could serve as few as three years in a plea deal finalized on the day jury selection was to have begun for his trial.
Monica Murphy, a mother of five, was killed in the head-on crash on May 31, 2013, in which Blaylock was also critically injured.
Police said the crash occurred when Blaylock's Cadillac Escalade crossed over the center median and struck an oncoming van.
Blaylock's lawyer, Amanda Palmer, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Blaylock had been convicted for DUI "several" times prior to the crash, although toxicology screens showed no alcohol in his system at the time of the fatal wreck.
COMMENT: The time Blaylock spends in prison is immaterial.
What is most important is that Blaylock never plays professional basketball again, for fear that his continuance in the NBA would be tantamount to rewarding him for increasingly bad behavior and his having a negative impact on youngsters.
Palmer said the reckless driving and vehicular homicide charges stemmed from the fact that physicians had told him not to drive because he was prone to seizures attributed to alcoholism.
If Blaylock is prone to seizures, what doctor authorized him to play professional basketball?
Blaylock played for the Atlanta Hawks from 1992 to 1999. A two-time, first-team pick to the NBA's all-defensive team, Blaylock also played for the Nets (1989-1992) and Warriors (1999-2002).
The former point guard averaged 13.5 points and 6.7 assists per game during his professional career.

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