Monday, November 3, 2014

Argentina: President Fernández Admitted to Hospital with Fever, Thyroid Removed in Error

According to The Latin American Tribune, Argentine President Cristina Fernández has been admitted to a hospital in Buenos Aires with an infectious fever, officials said.

The President was hospitalized at the Otamendi Clinic late Sunday (November 1) for monitoring and treatment of the infection, according to the presidential medical unit.

The statement, signed by physicians Marcelo Ballesteros and Ricardo Solla, read that Fernández, 61, “developed an infectious fever Sunday afternoon due to which it was decided to admit her to the Otamendi Clinic for tests and treatment.”

Two weeks ago the president had to rest for two days as a result of laryngitis.

COMMENT: In July, Fernández called off a trip to Paraguay due to “acute pharyngolaryngitis,” a throat infection that also prevented her from attending the World Cup football final between Argentina and Germany in Rio de Janeiro.

A year ago, the president underwent surgery for a cranial hematoma that kept her from her official duties for a month.

In 2012, the president’s thyroid gland was removed following a cancer diagnosis that turned out to be in error.
Although it is my sense that the president would find surgery in the United States bordering on repugnant, her thyroid gland could have been saved had she undergone surgery in the US.

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