Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tip of the Day: Don't Rent Vehicles in High-Threat Nations, If You Must, Consider the Following:

As we have seen in carjacking threats in developing countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and countless others, motorists must make the correct decision the first time.

Carjackers target individuals driving late-model automobiles, particularly luxury or sports-utility vehicles (SUVs).

Security professionals urge foreign travelers not to rent cars in countries with high rates of carjacking. Criminals target foreign drivers who rent cars:

The alternative is to use reputable hotel taxis. Although often costly, such alternatives are far better than traveling home in the cargo compartment.

If confronted by a armed carjacking, the following is suggested:

1. If an individual points a firearm at you while you are at a stoplight, at a stop sign, or while parked, do not attempt to step on the gas and escape; you could be shot and/or killed;

2. Keep your hands visible, remain compliant and make it clear to the carjacker that you will surrender your car without resistance. Then, quickly exit your vehicle. If the criminal directs you to give him/her your watch, necklace, purse, wallet, or money, promptly comply;

3. If a potentially dangerous yet unarmed person approaches your vehicle while you are parked or temporarily stopped, use emergency escape and evasion measures to exit the scene…providing that you are absolutely sure that they are unarmed;

4. If an armed carjacker wants your car and attempts to abduct you as well, be prepared to react proactively if you feel that your abduction could worsen your situation;

5.  Use tinted and/or shatter-resistant auto-glass to conceal the vehicle’s occupants and their identities from potential assailants and to protect the occupants from physical harm;

6. If you plan to drive in a high-risk country, remove emblems, flags, decals, or stickers that identify you contribute to your vulnerability; 

7. In a high-threat environment, executives and drivers should know vehicle escape and evasion techniques to counter vehicular kidnappings and other car attacks.  If you reside in a high-threat country, particularly for carjacking, obtain “hands-on” specialized executive driver training to respond to vehicular threats abroad. Two reputable driving schools I can recommend include:

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