Monday, November 10, 2014

Chile: Humankind Has a Way of Balancing Nature When Bad Choices Are Ill-Fated

According to The Latin American Tribune, a 15-year-old Chilean remains in critical condition after trying to take a “selfie” on a high-voltage transmission tower, police officials said Friday (November 7).

The accident occurred in the village of Tiltil, north of Santiago, where the teenager climbed up the tower, leaned an arm on a high-voltage power line and was blasted with a strong electric shock.

The youngster was taken with severe injuries to San José Hospital in Santiago, where his prognosis is uncertain according to medical authorities, adding that he now has burns over 40% of his body.

COMMENT: We can only hope that the youngster learns a painful lesson from life which is one reason why my wife and I devoted a considerable amount of time to knowing what our two daughters were always up to, which I strongly recommend to all parents.

Although there are exceptions to this rule, like nature itself, many young people don’t live very long largely because they make life choices that often have tragic, irreversible results that cannot be undone.

All lives need balance and perspective; yet if you look to your children as being "self-raised," only YOU can change the sequence of events.

If you have young children or adults under the age of 30, my personal suggestion is that you devote more time to educating your offspring on the perilous risks of life as like life itself, there are rarely any "do-overs."

At the time of the accident, the teen was with five friends between the ages 13-15.

In August 2011, in Santiago’s La Pintana neighborhood, a similar accident occurred when an electric shock threw a youngster to the ground and left him with burns over 35% of his body. 

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