Saturday, November 1, 2014

Colombia: Twelve Coal Miners Trapped by Flood in Antioquía, Reported Dead

According to The Latin American Tribune, the twelve miners trapped by a flood inside a coal mine in the northwestern province of Antioquía are reported to have died, Colombian authorities said on Friday (October 31).

“With an inspection we made in the night hours, we know that everyone is deceased,” Carlos Mario Usma, head of environmental management and mine regulation in the municipality of Amaga, told the media.

The miners’ fatal encounter with a pocket of water deep underground occurred at 1800 hours on Thursday (October 30), he said.

“Of the fourteen miners who were in the sector, only two escaped,” Usma said.

COMMENT: A team of more than 30 people are now working to recover the bodies, Colombian Red Cross official Cesar Urueña said, while Usma said the first step would be draining the water from the affected area of the mine.

The operation to retrieve the bodies could take as long as three days, Antioquia Gov. Sergio Fajardo told Caracol Radio after visiting the mine.

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