Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Florida: Armed, Law-Abiding Citizens Are a Positive in an Increasing World of Uncertainty

According to the below link from Fox News, released by Fox on March 22, 2011, I am re-releasing this critically important filing because it honestly demonstrates that just because there are far too many bad people in the US, in growing numbers I might add, it doesn't mean that law-abiding citizens have to become corpses:

COMMENT: Tragically, despite having one of the most effective police systems in the world, those that leave their safety in the hands of the police, are destined to become crime victims.

Thankfully, all 50 of the US states have either open-carry and/or concealed-carry statutes that permit residents who have no criminal record to undergo state-managed criteria in order to protect themselves from the growing number of criminals.

The underlying reason why these state statutes are so very important is because FEW criminals commit crimes in front of police officers, unless, of course, they strangely want to be arrested.

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