Saturday, November 8, 2014

Honduras: Despite Control of House, Senate by Republicans, Obama WH Rewards Bad Behavior

According to The Latin American Tribune, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández met US Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) William Brownfield on November 4, to discuss security issues and the fight against corruption, officials said.

COMMENT: If you are wondering why I'm so puzzled that the Obama WH continues to "suck up" to Tegucigalpa, please read CAREFULLY the below link which hopefully will demonstrate why I am so compelled to take the action I have chosen:

On the basis of protecting ALL foreign travelers, I have thought long and hard about my compulsion to DISCOURAGE tourism to Honduras, but do so knowing that I could actually be saving more lives than I could ever possibly imagine. 

For those of you who must travel to Honduras on government and business, I DISCOURAGE you from over-nighting in San Pedro Sula and suggest you overnight at the Inter-Continental in Tegucigalpa: 

As a basis of comparison, I urge all of our readers to review the travel advice offered for Honduras, which is reflected below:

What fight against corruption? What security issues? 

Honduras has one of the worst police corruption problems on Earth and an even worse record on human rights against its own citizens who are faced with one nagging question for which there is no feasible answer:

"How do I escape from the most violent nation on Earth?"

Brownfield “congratulated President Hernández on behalf of the US government for advances in security and the decision to confront the scourge of drug trafficking,” said Honduran Presidency Minister Reinaldo Sánchez said.

Brownfield very strangely was also satisfied with the achievements of the Hernández administration in just nine months, Sánchez said.

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