Wednesday, November 26, 2014

México: How Badly Peña Nieto Wants to Work Will Depend on His Success Against Corruption

According to The Latin American Tribune, the Mexican government plans to make changes in its internal security policy to check the violence and corruption that prevails in the country following the case in which 43 students went missing in police custody outraged the nation.

After weeks of protests, both peaceful and violent, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Tuesday (November 25) confirmed that he would present a plan this week to prevent incidents such as that of the missing 43 students from reoccurring.

“All of this leads us to mark a course that will allow us to prevent deplorable events like the one in Iguala from repeating,” he said at a public event in Hidalgo state, referring to the town from where the students disappeared.

Without giving any details about the plan that will be unveiled on Thursday (November 27), the president said that it would require a collective effort from Congress as well as society.

“We do not want violence from organized crime that has infiltrated different parts of the government,” he said.

COMMENT: The conservative National Action Party expressed hope that Peña Nieto’s announcement would help to resolve the insecurity in the country and end corruption which is eating away at all institutions.

“I wish they would make it clear what they are going to do about the lack of security, resolving the country’s economic problems and ending corruption,” Sen. Jorge Luís Preciado said.

The 43 students went missing on the night of September 26 after an altercation with Iguala police who arrested them and turned the 43 students over to a local criminal gang.

According to testimony from some gang members interrogated by the authorities, the students were killed and their bodies were burned to ashes.

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