Wednesday, November 19, 2014

México: Teachers in Guerrero Seize State Offices to Protest Disappearance of 43 Students

According to The Latin American Tribune, teachers in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero on Tuesday (November 18) took over the state judicial branch headquarters and held workers there for four hours as part of protests associated with the disappearance of 43 teaching students.

About 500 members of Guerrero’s state education workers coordinator (CETEG), took over the Judicial Complex, which houses the offices of the state supreme court in Chilpancingo, the state capital.

The teachers demanded the release of “political prisoners” and the annulment of arrest warrants that, CETEG said, have been issued for their members for recent violent acts that were part of the protests over the students’ disappearance.

COMMENT: CETEG members last week set fire to the state legislature and raided the offices of the nationally governing Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in Chilpancingo.

Experts with the Attorney General’s Office took blood samples from 100 people in the San Gerardo church in Iguala to compare their genetic material with the remains found in mass graves in that Guerrero municipality to determine if those remains belong to the missing students.

People above age 5 whose relatives are among the 43 missing students came to give blood samples.

The genetic tests performed to date rule out the possibility that the remains found in the clandestine graves belong to any of the 43 students at a rural teaching school who disappeared on September 26, in Iguala after being attacked and captured by local police and members of a criminal organization.

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