Saturday, November 29, 2014

Puerto Rico: PRPD Off-Duty Officer Shot, Killed by Multiple Assailants Who Robbed Store

According to The Latin American Tribune, an off-duty municipal police officer was murdered Tuesday night (November 25) in a town near the Puerto Rican capital when he tried to prevent criminals from robbing a store.

PRPD said Wednesday (November 26) that Edwin Roman Acevedo lost his life when several robbers attempted to hold up the store as he was leaving.

There was an exchange of gunfire between the multiple assailants and the 36-year-old cop, who is thought to have been doing security work as an off-duty position, who was hit several times by expended rounds.

COMMENT: Although the officer was taken to a nearby hospital, he tragically did not survive.

Police confirmed that during the night, health authorities treated a young adult with a bullet wound who was traveling in a vehicle similar to the one the gunmen are said to have used.

The assailant, identified as David Aponte Villalba, 22, was later arrested in connection with the homicide, according to police.

Federal authorities are considering taking over the case.

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