Monday, November 3, 2014

Puerto Rico: San Juan Facing Greatest Economic Crisis in 70 Years

According to The Latin American TribunePuerto Rican Gov. Alejandro García Padilla on Sunday (November 2) called on the island’s citizens to “redouble” their efforts to overcome their worst economic crisis in 70 years.

The Governor said that in the less than two years remaining in his term, his team of advisors and cabinet secretaries had “launched the most urgent process of economic transformation required by the country.

Padilla ”noted that “positive transformations and changes take time” and he said he would accept criticism and recommendations “with humility and firmness.”

"My administration is facing the worst fiscal and economic crisis...since the 1940s. We’re making difficult decisions, but ones that cannot be put off, in the face of the reality we’re facing,” said García Padilla, going on to accuse previous administrations of not having “either the courage or the will” to implement the measures.

COMMENT: "At this time, the most important thing is staying firm to our plan, united as a people, focused on the (island’s) recovery. Our goal is to achieve a safer, fairer society with new opportunities for all,” he said.

A survey conducted by EL NUEVO DIA found that 60% of the public disapprove of García Padilla’s job performance--including 22% of his own Popular Democratic Party’s (PDP) voters--compared with 19% who support him, including 50% of his party.

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