Tuesday, November 25, 2014

South Africa: Tourist, 32, Shot, Killed Near Cape Town for Her Mobile Phone

According to http://www.iol.co.zaa woman in Cape Town described by witnesses as “blonde and beautiful” was shot and killed for her cellphone near popular restaurant Mzoli’s and Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s new food kiosk in Gugulethu on Sunday night (November 23).

The 32-year-old woman, who witnesses believe was a tourist from Polokwane, was shot dead on the pavement along Klipfontein Road around 1900 hours.
Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut confirmed the shooting. 
“The motive appears to have been an armed robbery, as the victim’s cellphone has been taken.” 
Traut said the woman was about to take a taxi home after visiting Mama Chaka’s restaurant in the area when she was confronted by the assailant.
A witness and nearby shop owner said on Monday morning (November 23) said the woman had her own car--a Mini Cooper, which was parked across the street. 
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Yvonne Chaka Chaka's Gugulethu kiosk. Photo: By Cindy Waxa. 
The witness did not want to give her name for fear she would face retribution from the criminals, but pointed out the spot where the victim’s body was found on Sunday night.
“She was beautiful, and very young. She had blonde hair. People were saying she came from Polokwane. They shot her in the heart with two bullets.” 
COMMENT: I fully realize that I have urged women in particular to NOT carry their smartphones in public view more times than I can count, yet if I can save just one life, my efforts will not be in vain.

PLEASE...for both adults and children of both genders...DO NOT CARRY YOUR MOBILES IN PUBLIC VIEW! YOU MAY LOSE YOUR LIFE FOR DOING SO!

If you expose your wealth and possession in public view you may not reach adulthood or live a long life!

The decedent had been a customer at the new Mama Chaka’s kiosk, which was opened by celebrity Yvonne Chaka Chaka last month. 
The witness said it was time for residents to put their fears aside and speak out about the violent crimes in the area. 
It is not only fear, but frustration, that deters witnesses from reporting crime. 
She said with the Gugulethu Beer and Whiskey Festival scheduled for next weekend, and DJ Sbu headlining at Mzoli’s, the area was going to be chaotically busy. 
Business owners were concerned that crime would force people to think twice about visiting the area. 
Xola Mangi, who owns a hotdog stand in the area, said he was worried his customers would be put off by the violence. 
Mangi said with the festival coming up, and the December holidays, the crowds filling up the street would only get rowdier. 
The famous restaurant owner said he had already closed up and gone home at the time of the shooting. 
“Recently these guys were robbing malls; now they’re coming to the township and taking cellphones,” he said. 
He said the crime was impacting every business owner on the popular street. “It’s affecting us big-time.” 

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